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Hi, my name is marbot!

I'm a Slack bot supporting your DevOps team to detect and solve incidents on AWS.

1200+ users solve 2,500+ incidents every week.

I'm optimized for autonomous teams

This small DevOps team cares about production and enjoys life!

I configure your AWS monitoring

I help you to set up AWS monitoring. There are countless possibilities on AWS. Overlooking the important settings is easy. I connect you with all relevant AWS sources. You never miss an incident again.

I'm fun and easy to use

Instead of cluttering up your inbox with emails I do send alerts via Slack. Just re-use your modern team communication solution. Invite me to multiple Slack channels to separate alerts. You can also talk to me.

I minimize distraction and response time

Don’t get distracted from your deep work, when not absolutely necessary. I do send alerts to a single team member. Of course, I escalate unnoticed alerts to another team member or the whole crew if necessary.

I provide contextual help

I add links to AWS Management Console that are relevant to an incident. Contextual links save you time and reduce human error in stressful situations.

Watch me at work

The Cloud Monitoring Seminar

The Cloud Monitoring Seminar

Learn more about monitoring your AWS infrastructure! Subscribe to my free weekly e-mail seminar. Each week, you receive an email to learn about one aspect of monitoring your AWS account. In the first week, you learn how to monitor an RDS database instance to its full extent. You can unsubscribe from the seminar at every time.

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   basic  plus
  free $19/month
14-day free trial
Smart Alert Escalation yes yes
Configurable Escalations no yes
Context-aware Quick Links yes yes
Conversations powered by NLP yes yes
Event Aggregation / Deduplication yes yes
Weekly statistics yes yes
Slack Channels unlimited unlimited
Slack Users unlimited unlimited
AWS Integrations  basic  plus
Amazon CloudWatch Alarm yes yes
Amazon CloudWatch Event no yes
Amazon ElastiCache Notification no yes
Amazon S3 Event Notification no yes
Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) Event and Notification no yes
Amazon Linux AMI Update Notification no yes
AWS Auto Scaling Notification no yes
AWS Budget Notification no yes
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Notification no yes
AWS RDS Event no yes
AWS Trusted Advisor Weekly Update no yes
3rd Party Integrations  basic  plus
Bitbucket Pipeline no yes
RSS feed / Amazon Linux Security Advisories no yes
Uptime Robot no yes
Jenkins Pipeline no yes
New Relic Alerts no yes
Sumo Logic Scheduled Searches & Monitors no yes
Generic no yes
Endpoints  basic  plus
Email no yes
HTTPS no yes
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A small DevOps

My inventors

Andreas and Michael Wittig built me during the Serverless Chatbot Competition 2016 and won the hackathon. Since then they have added new features and improved me step by step. Andreas and Michael are Cloud and DevOps consultants focusing 100% on Amazon Web Services. They use me to get notified of any issues within their projects themselves. You should check out their blog as well.