Avoid alert fatigue!

Connect Amazon CloudWatch and Slack to
spread alerts among your team members.

Minimize distraction

One engineer, not the whole team, receives an alert. You can focus on your project work instead of being distracted by your pager. marbot escalates unnoticed incidents up to the next engineer or the team.

Reuse channel

No need to register a new account or install a new app. Just reuse your favorite messaging app: Slack. marbot delivers alarms by sending direct messages. Acknowledging, passing, and closing alerts with Slack-native actions.

Simplify organisation

No need to setup complicated on-call rotations and schedules. Use Slack channels to organize teams. Join a channel to be on-call. marbot respects your DND schedule and snooze setting.


And maybe most important: a lovely marmot with a ready ear to your questions and sorrow.


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Privacy Policy

We store as little information as possible!

We store data about your Slack team that is needed to integrate with their API.
We store the alert generated by CloudWatch.
We store escalation information for each alarm referencing the Slack User.
We store information about the SNS endpoints to map them to a Slack team.

We do not store any of the Slack messages that we send or receive.

About us

We are Michael and Andreas Wittig, Cloud Experts focusing on AWS.

marbot won at the AWS Serverless Chatbot Competition.

We have written a book called Amazon Web Services in Action introducing you to computing, storage, and networking in the cloud.

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Keep your system running!

Never miss an alert from your cloud infrastructure
each incident delivered reliable to your team.