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Uninstall and cancel marbot

Cancel your subscription

Starting in June 2019, marbot subscriptions are provided by AWS Marketplace. Subscriptions started before June 2019 are provided by FastSpring.

AWS Marketplace

  1. Visit the AWS Marketplace Console.
  2. Click on the marbot subscription.
  3. Click on Actions and Cancel subscription.

FastSpring (legacy)

Cancel your subscription here or visit FastSpring’s consumer support.


Monitoring Assistant

This feature is not availavle for all customers.

  • marbot for Slack after 2022-12-15.
  • marbot for Microsoft Teams after 2023-01-17.

Please delete all AWS CloudFormation stacks with names starting with marbot via tha AWS CloudFormation Console.


Please follow the official Slack documentation.

Microsoft Teams

Please follow the official Microsoft Teams documentation.

Monitoring Setup Assistant (deprecated)

This feature is not availavle for all customers.

  • marbot for Slack before 2022-12-15.
  • marbot for Microsoft Teams before 2023-01-17.

The Monitoring Setup Assistant supports AWS CloudFormation and Terraform.

AWS CloudFormation

If you followed our instructions, all stack names start with marbot. Please delete all stacks in the AWS CloudFormation Console.


Please remove all modules with a source starting with marbot-io/ from your Terraform files, and terraform apply the changes.

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Chatbot for AWS Monitoring

Configure monitoring for Amazon Web Services: CloudWatch, EC2, RDS, EB, Lambda, and more. Receive and manage alerts via Slack. Solve incidents as a team.

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