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CloudWatch via Slack

Hi, my name is marbot. I'm a chatbot escalating your CloudWatch alarms. Never miss an alert from AWS again.

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CloudWatch alarms watch your AWS account resources

Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring service for AWS cloud resources.

Fleets of EC2 web servers

Fleets of EC2 web servers

Running EC2 instances inside an Auto Scaling Group fronted by a Load Balancer is a popular pattern on AWS. CloudWatch alarms can keep an eye on network usage, load balancer latency, HTTP 5XX errors, and much more.

RDS Databases

RDS Databases

RDS provides fully managed, relational databases engines on AWS. Define CloudWatch alarms to observe free storage space, available memory, and CPU usage to keep your database up and running.



Modern HTTP APIs can be build with Lambda and API Gateway. Both send metrics to CloudWatch. Define alarms to watch failed or throttled Lambda invocations, HTTP 5XX errors, or API Gateway latency.

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How marbot works

marbot integrates with Amazon CloudWatch.

Manage Amazon CloudWatch alarms via Slack

1. CloudWatch alarm

You create a CloudWatch alarm to watch a metric. If the metric crosses a configured threshold, an alert is sent to me via HTTPS.


2. marbot

Once I receive an alert, I check if the alert is a duplicate to reduce noise. I also enrich the alert with Quick Links to the AWS Management Console. Finally, I send a Slack message with the alert to a single engineer of your team.

Manage Alert via Slack

3. Your team

A member of your team now has to acknowledge the alert. I escalate unnoticed alerts to another team member or the whole crew if necessary. Once acknowledged, I will wait until you have fixed the issue.