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Amazon RDS Event Notifictions via Slack.

I'm a Slack bot supporting your DevOps team to detect and solve incidents on AWS.

1,300+ users solve 2,500+ incidents every week.

RDS event notifications announce database maintenance, failover, and more.

Amazon RDS provides PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server as a Service.



Be the first to know about the reason for a database downtime. Get notified of any maintenance affecting your database instances.

Low Storage

Low Storage

Prevent yourself from a lot of trouble by receiving a notification indicating your database instance consumes more than 90% of the available storage.



Stay calm when RDS is recovering from a failure. For example, receive an alert when an automatic fail-over happens from your master database instance to your standby database instance.

Monitoring Jump Start

Monitoring an RDS database instance touches multiple parts of AWS. I will do the configuration for you.

RDS Monitoring Jump Start

I configure CloudWatch Alarms and subscribe to RDS Event Notifications for you.

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How marbot works

marbot integrates with RDS event notifications.

Manage RDS Event Notifications via Slack

1. RDS event notification

RDS publishes events of different types (e.g., recovery, low storage, and failover). Create a subscription to all or selected event types. Afterwards, RDS will send me the events via HTTPS.


2. marbot

Once I receive an event, I check if the event is a duplicate to reduce noise. I also enrich the event with Quick Links to the AWS Management Console. Finally, I send a Slack message with the event to a single engineer of your team.

Manage Alert via Slack

3. Your team

A member of your team now has to acknowledge the alert. I escalate unnoticed alerts to another team member or the whole crew if necessary. Once acknowledged, I will wait until you have fixed the issue.