AWS Chatbot versus marbot

Michael Wittig – 15 Jul 2020

We started working on marbot in 2016. Since then, we received a lot of feedback from our customers and improved marbot every month since then. Recently, I compared marbot with our competitor AWS Chatbot.

AWS Chatbot vs marbot

Find my biased comparison below.

Feature marbot AWS Chatbot
Slack support
Microsoft Teams support
Amazon Chime support
Contextual links to AWS Console ⚠️
Monitoring Setup Assistant
Alert escalation
Event aggregation / deduplication
Weekly statistics
Natural language interface
Contextual runbooks
AWS service integrations 16 3
Supported Amazon CloudWatch Events types 66 5
Supported Amazon CloudWatch Metrics namespaces 40 ?
Generic alerts via SNS
Generic alerts via EventBridge
Generic alerts via HTTPS
Generic alerts via Email
Proxy AWS CLI (read-only) commands


I’m a bit shocked that marbot integrates with more AWS services and understands more CloudWatch Events than the “official” AWS Chatbot. AWS Chatbot does not support generic events that you can send from systems outside of AWS. Besides that, AWS Chatbot lacks the advanced features of marbot, such as monitoring setup assistant, alert aggregation, and escalation.

If you miss a feature, check out our roadmap. We are looking forward to your feedback!

Michael Wittig

Michael Wittig

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