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AWS Security Monitoring in 2023: Untangle the chaos

AWS security monitoring is a set of practices, tools, and processes designed to detect and respond to security threats and vulnerabilities within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment. Sounds easy? In this blog post, I share how I use a variet...

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Product Update: Monitoring Amazon Inspector findings

We are glad to announce a product update: marbot configures monitoring of Amazon Inspector findings automatically. Amazon Inspector is a security assessment service that helps you identify potential security issues in your applications and infrastructur...

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Product Update: Monitoring EC2 and ALB with Anomaly Detection

We are glad to announce a product update: marbot uses anomaly detection to when monitoring an EC2 instance or Application Load Balancer (ALB). Please note, that this product update does only affect customers, who are using the Monitoring Assistant, tha...

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Push GitHub Actions status updates to Slack or Microsoft Teams

You can use GitHub Actions to build, test, and deploy your source code whenever your GitHub Repository changes. It can be challenging to keep track of all the deployed changes when working in a team. You can use marbot to update your team whenever a Gi...

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Big update: CloudWatch graphs and CodePipeline approval

Since the beginning, marbot has worked based on the push principle. You configure your AWS account in a way to send data to marbot. For example, a CloudWatch alarm pushes a message to SNS, which invokes marbot’s HTTPS endpoint. The Monitoring Setup Assi...

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Muting alarms and notifications

Sometimes, alerts or notifications are not helpful. You want to see them never again. You can adjust the source not to send the events in the first place (such as tweaking the EventBridge rule or CloudWacth alarm). It might be easier to press the mute b...

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Monitor VPC interface endpoints with CloudWatch metrics and alarms

Many VPC designs make use of private subnets. To communicate with AWS APIs, you either need a NAT gateway or VPC endpoints. S3 and DynamoDB are special because they support gateway endpoints. All other AWS services support interface endpoints. A VPC in...

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Monitor VPC NAT gateways with CloudWatch metrics and alarms

Many VPC designs make use of public and private subnets. You need a NAT gateway to communicate from a private subnet with the Internet. A VPC NAT gateway is a finite resource that can be exhausted. That’s why you need to add monitoring to be alerted if...

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Today we launch summaries

Alerts and notifications now start with a summary. An emoji at the beginning helps you understand what is happening quickly. Summaries are also displayed in push notifications from Slack and Microsoft Teams. The following screenshots are worth more tha...

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