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EC2 vulnerability and compliance violation alerting powered by Amazon Inspector

The AWS Shared Responsibility Model is clear: running EC2 instances comes with many customer responsibilities. You have to patch your EC2 instances, harden the operating system, encrypt your data, secure remote access, and many more. But how can you tel...

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How to fix delayed alarms?

Some of our integrations depend on Amazon SNS. For example, our CloudFormation templates configure SNS topics and subscriptions within your AWS account. Unfortunately, there is an issue with SNS: messages to HTTPS endpoints are delayed by more than 30 m...

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How to monitor Amazon Redshift?

A data warehouse is used for analyzing GBs or TBs of data and is a core component of business intelligence. AWS offers a popular data warehouse called Amazon Redshift. AWS is responsible for most aspects of operating the data warehouse. However, there a...

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RDS Performance Insights: monitor and debug database performance

When users complain about a web or enterprise application’s slow response times, the root cause is often high load on the database. Usually, a high load is caused by an increased number of queries or many costly database queries. Amazon RDS is one of th...

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Monitor CloudFront with CloudWatch metrics and alarms

CloudFront and S3 power this website. On top of that, we are using Lambda@Edge to resize images on the fly. AWS is responsible for the availability and scalability of all three services. Therefore, operating the infrastructure for our website is not too...

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marbot for Microsoft Teams out now!

About two months ago, we launched the beta of marbot for Microsoft Teams. We received tremendous feedback. The number of teams installing marbot has tripled. On top of that, we are gladful for the feedback from our early customers. You helped us to impr...

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Monitoring EC2 disk usage with CloudWatch metrics and alarms

About ten years ago, I broke my Linux laptop because I was modifying config files - /etc/passwd when I remember it correctly - while my disk was running out of space due to a data synchronization job. This has been a lesson for me. Monitoring disk usage...

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How to send CloudWatch alarms to Microsoft Teams?

So you have configured CloudWatch alarms to get notified when something goes wrong within your infrastructure running on Amazon Web Services? But how do you make sure your team notices whenever a CloudWatch alarm switches its state from OK to ALARM? Sen...

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Monitor Glacier storage utilization and limit costs

Glacier vaults provide infinite storage. But, you pay for storing files in your Glacier vaults. To avoid a surprisingly high AWS bill, you have to monitor the storage usage of your vaults. This blog post guides you through the steps. Create a CloudWatc...

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Chatbot for AWS Monitoring

Configure monitoring for Amazon Web Services: CloudWatch, EC2, RDS, EB, Lambda, and more. Receive and manage alerts via Slack. Solve incidents as a team.

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