EC2 vulnerability and compliance violation alerting powered by Amazon Inspector

The AWS Shared Responsibility Model is clear: running EC2 instances comes with many customer responsibilities. You have to patch your EC2 instances, harden the operating system, encrypt your data, secure remote access, and many more. But how can you tel...

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Monitoring Jump Starts: Node.js 10 update

AWS recently announced that we are not able to create Lambda functions running on Node.js 8 after January 6, 2020. Monitoring Jump Starts connect you with all relevant AWS sources for comprehensive monitoring coverage. Some of our Jump Starts rely on La...

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AWS re:Invent 2019

AWS re:Invent is around the corner. If you are in Las Vegas, I’d like to meet you! No matter if you started using AWS today or five years before. No matter if you are young or old. No matter what’s your job title. If you have anything to say about monit...

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Analyze CloudWatch Logs like a pro

Centralizing the logs from all your systems is critical in a cloud infrastructure. Typical solutions to store and analyze log messages are: Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch + Kibana), Loggly, Splunk, and Sumo Logic. I prefer Amazon CloudWatch Logs in most ...

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marbot is available on the AWS Marketplace

marbot is now available on the AWS Marketplace. No more friction: marbot is an item on your AWS invoice. The advantages at a glance: No separate invoice: marbot is now an item on your AWS invoice You do not have to enter a credit card: you will receiv...

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marbot an alternative to OpsGenie, PagerDuty, and VictorOps

We started working on marbot in 2016. Recently, I’ve been doing some research to compare our incident management solution with our competitors: OpsGenie, PagerDuty, and VictorOps. Find my biased comparison in the following. What do all four incident ma...

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Are you the lonely DevOps engineer doing 24/7 on-call? Change it!

Are you the only one in your team who takes responsibility for the productive system? Are you carrying your laptop with you even in your free time to be able to fix issues in production? Are you unofficially on-call 24/7? I’ve been in the same situation...

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Monitoring EC2 Network Utilization

Are you monitoring the network utilization of your EC2 instances? Why not? The network is one of the rare resources that will limit your workload’s maximum throughput: CPU Memory Network Disk GPU I’ve debugged performance problems in a lot of infrastr...

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Monitoring Jump Start: Lambda function

A Lambda function executes code. Many things can go wrong when executing your code. You can run in a timeout, out of memory, or your code can throw exceptions. That’s why you need to add monitoring to be alerted when the Lambda function is not working a...

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Monitoring Jump Start: SQS queue

Many applications depend on a message queue to exchange information. The message producers are decoupled from the message consumers. However, the producers rely on a consumer to eventual process the message. That’s why you need to add monitoring to be a...

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Chatbot for AWS Monitoring

Configure monitoring for Amazon Web Services: CloudWatch, EC2, RDS, EB, Lambda, and more. Receive and manage alerts via Slack. Solve incidents as a team.

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