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Monitor SQS queues with CloudWatch metrics and alarms

Many applications depend on an Amazon SQS message queue to exchange information. The message producers are decoupled from the message consumers. However, the producers rely on a consumer to eventually process the message. That’s why you need to add moni...

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Solve AWS incidents with runbooks

Starting today, marbot helps you to solve AWS incidents with runbooks. Runbooks provide structured procedures for responding to incidents. The following figure is a screenshot of an alert with a runbook. Runbooks allow all your team members to tackle p...

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Basics first! Checklist for monitoring AWS.

Monitoring your cloud infrastructure is key for reliability, security, and efficiency. Before you think about buying and installing a fancy and expensive (application) monitoring solution make sure you got the basics of monitoring AWS covered. I’ve der...

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How To Monitor a Serverless Application

Compared to a typical web application deployed to EC2 a Serverless Application - consisting of an API Gateway and a Lambda function - needs less monitoring as you are outsourcing most of the operations to AWS. However, there are still some metrics you s...

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CloudWatch Tips and Tricks: Monitoring Error Metrics

Whenever you need to have a look into these black boxes, they call the Amazon cloud, go to Amazon CloudWatch directly. This post is the first part of a tips and tricks series guiding you through monitoring your AWS resources. Some metrics contain data ...

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The simplest way to monitor a web application on AWS

Is CloudWatch sending alarms when the CPU utilization of your EC2 instances is above 80%? Are you monitoring the memory usage on your RDS instances as well? That’s a massive waste of energy! You only need to notify yourself or your team if the customers...

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Get rid of 24/7 on-call duty

The 24/7 on-call duty is a relic from a bygone era. Nowadays the benefits do not outweigh the negative effects on the health of yourself and your team anymore. Knowing that a pager might end your sleep and require your full attention at any time is dec...

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Monitor Aurora with CloudWatch metrics, alarms, and SNS

Besides traditional database engines like PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server, AWS offers a cloud-optimized database engine as well: Amazon Aurora. The main benefits of Aurora are performance, reliability, and scalability. Becau...

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AWS Summit Berlin 2018

Join the AWS Summit in Berlin and learn how marbot can help you to detect and solve incidents on AWS. The AWS Summit will take placeon 6 - 7 June 2018at STATION BerlinYou can find marbot in the Startup Expo area. At the marbot stand, you get a free revi...

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Chatbot for AWS Monitoring

Configure monitoring for Amazon Web Services: CloudWatch, EC2, RDS, EB, Lambda, and more. Receive and manage alerts via Slack. Solve incidents as a team.

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