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CloudWatch via Slack

Hi, my name is marbot. I'm a chatbot escalating your CloudWatch events. Never miss an important event from AWS again.

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CloudWatch events broadcast changes in your AWS account

Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring service for AWS cloud resources.

AWS Health events

AWS Health events

Subscribe to AWS Health events to know about problems in your AWS account upfront. AWS Health announces planned activities such as EC2 instance reboots, or certificate renewals. AWS Health also announces operational issues if a AWS service is not fully working.

events

events

Get notified when the root user of your AWS account is is used to sign-in to the AWS Management Console. It's a best practice to not use the root user. Instead, you should use IAM users only where you can restrict access.

AWS CodePipeline execution events

AWS CodePipeline events

Get fast feedback from your AWS CodePipeline when executions fail. AWS CodePipeline is a continuous integration and continuous delivery service that orchestrates builds, tests, and deploys.

How marbot works

marbot integrates with Amazon CloudWatch.

Manage Amazon CloudWatch events via Slack

1. CloudWatch event rule

You create a CloudWatch event rule to subscribe to events. If an event is broadcasted that matches the rule, the event is sent to me via HTTPS.


2. marbot

Once I receive an event, I check if the event is a duplicate to reduce noise. I also enrich the event with Quick Links to the AWS Management Console. Finally, I send a Slack message with the event to a single engineer of your team.

Manage Alert via Slack

3. Your team

A member of your team now has to acknowledge the alert. I escalate unnoticed alerts to another team member or the whole crew if necessary. Once acknowledged, I will wait until you have fixed the issue.