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Michael Wittig – 16 Aug 2021

marbot is a ChatOps tool to configure AWS monitoring, escalate alerts, and solve incidents. This blog post looks at alternatives that cover similar functionality available for Slack and Microsoft Teams.

marbot alternatives

AWS Chatbot

AWS Chatbot Slack message
AWS Chatbot is generally available since 2020 to all AWS customers. AWS Chatbot receives events from six different AWS event sources and publishes them to Slack but not Microsoft Teams. AWS Chatbot allows you to query your AWS accounts by sending AWS CLI read-only commands. AWS Chatbot does not provide any help to set up monitoring alarms and rules. It provides no escalation capabilities. If you are interested in a detailed comparison, check out AWS Chatbot versus marbot.

AWS Lambda

CloudWatch Alarms to Microsoft Teams via AWS Lambda
AWS Lambda can be used to run code triggered by events. You can write your own function to publish CloudWatch Alarms to Slack or CloudWatch Alarms to Microsoft Teams. The feature set is limited to that. But you can and have to modify it to fit your needs.

Are you aware of other alternatives to marbot? Let us know! We are happy to list them here.

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