Big update: CloudWatch graphs and CodePipeline approval

Michael Wittig – 10 Oct 2022

Since the beginning, marbot has worked based on the push principle. You configure your AWS account in a way to send data to marbot. For example, a CloudWatch alarm pushes a message to SNS, which invokes marbot’s HTTPS endpoint. The Monitoring Setup Assistant helps you to configure your AWS accounts to send relevant events to marbot. Most often, the pushed information contains all we need to display relevant alerts and notifications in Slack or Microsoft Teams.

But sometimes, we can create a richer experience with additional data that we pull from your AWS account.

Connect your AWS account with

As of today, marbot has the capability to:

  • Enrich AWS account IDs with alias names
    AWS account alias
  • Enrich CloudWatch Alarms with metric graphs
    CloudWatch metric graph
  • Add approve and reject buttons to CodePipeline approval requests
    CodePipeline approval

To pull data from your AWS account, marbot needs secure and limited access to your AWS account. You can connect your AWS account with marbot right from an alert or notification.

Connect your AWS account

The Open AWS button opens the AWS CloudFormation UI in your browser to create a new CloudFormation stack. The stack deploys an IAM role with minimal permissions.

Learn more about the new feature in our help section. We hope you like it! Please reach out to us and share your feedback:

Michael Wittig

Michael Wittig

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