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Monitoring Setup Assistant

Setting up monitoring on AWS is hard. AWS provides countless features and sources of events. Overlooking the important settings is easy. The Monitoring Setup Assistant helps you to monitor all the relevant sources of your AWS infrastructure. Sources are CloudWatch Alarms, EventBridge Rules, or more service-specific features such as RDS Event Notifications.

Ask marbot to help you with your monitoring setup like this:

@marbot set up AWS monitoring for me

marbot responds with a wizard to configure AWS monitoring using CloudFormation or Terraform.

Monitoring Setup Assistant in Slack

The following AWS capabilities are covered at the moment:

AWS capability CloudFormation Terraform
AWS account1 yes yes
Application Load Balancer yes no
Auto Scaling Group yes yes
EC2 instance yes yes
EFS file system yes no
Elastic Beanstalk yes no
ElastiCache memcached cluster yes no
Elasticsearch domain yes no
Lambda function yes no
Redshift cluster yes no
RDS cluster (Aurora) yes yes
RDS database instance yes no
Reserved Instance yes no
SQS queue yes yes
Synthetics Website yes no
WorkSpaces yes no
CloudFormation Drift Detection yes no
CloudFront yes no

  1. 1. AWS account monitoring covers Budgets, Savings Plans, Trusted Advisor, CloudWatch alarms, Batch, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodeCommit, Health, Auto Scaling Groups, GuardDuty, EMR, EBS, SSM, RDS, Glue, EC2 Spot Instances, ECS, Macie, Security Hub, OpsWorks, ECR Image Scan, DLM, IoT Analytics, ES Software Update, Backup, Athen, Flow, EC2 (Spot) FleetFailed, Amazon Linus AMI, ACM, Application Auto Scaling;

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