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Monitoring: Amazon EMR

Amazon EMR (Elastic MapReduce) is a fully-managed cloud service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that enables users to quickly and easily provision, configure, and scale distributed computing clusters. EMR is designed to simplify big data processing, making running and managing big data workloads easier and more cost-effective using popular open-source tools such as Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, and Apache Hive.

Why should you monitor Amazon EMR?

Monitoring Amazon EMR is crucial to ensure the smooth functioning of the big data processing workloads running on the clusters. One of the key reasons to monitor EMR is to receive timely notifications about issues that may arise within the cluster. For example, when a cluster node fails or when there is a significant increase in resource utilization, it can cause performance issues, delays, or even downtime.

Monitoring: Amazon EMR

How does monitoring Amazon EMR work?

Without further ado, marbot monitors Amazon EMR. Here is what a notification delivered to a Microsoft Teams channel looks like.

Amazon EMR alert in Microsoft Teams

And here is the same alert in Slack.

Amazon EMR alert in Slack

How do you set up monitoring of Amazon EMR?

marbot works with Slack and Microsoft Teams. Please select your platform and follow the Getting Started guide.

Which events does marbot monitor in detail?

marbot creates EventBridge rules to monitor the following events automatically.

Event Type Description
EMR Auto Scaling Policy State Change Get alerted if an auto-scaling policy fails.
EMR Step Status Change Get alerted if a step fails.

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