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Integration: Bitbucket Pipeline

Bitbucket Pipelines build, test and deploy your source code whenever your Bitbucket Repository changes.

If a Bitbucket Pipeline build fails, marbot delivers an alert to your team where an smart escalation chain is started.

Setup instructions

  1. Go to your Bitbucket Repository settings
  2. Under Workflow, click on Webhooks
  3. Click on the Add webhook button
    Bitbucket Pipeline Create Webhook
  4. Set Title to marbot
  5. Set URL to https://api.marbot.io/v1/endpoint/$endpoint-ID. Replace $endpoint-ID with the ID of your endpoint. You can get this value by asking @marbot for it on your Slack channel.
  6. Ensure that Status is Active
  7. Set Triggers to Choose from a full list of triggers
  8. Select the Repository triggers Build status created and Build status updated, deselect all others
  9. Click on the Save button
    Bitbucket Pipeline Create Webhook

Sample Alert

As soon as your pipeline fails, you should get an alert in Slack like this:

Budget Alert

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If you experience any issues, let us know.

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