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Integration: AWS Trusted Advisor Weekly Update

AWS Trusted Advisor checks your AWS account against best practices in four categories:

  1. cost optimization
  2. performance
  3. security
  4. fault tolerance

You can subscribe to a weekly email that summarizes which checks have changed since the last email.

Trusted Advisor Weekly Update

The problem with the weekly email is that you always get it. No matter if something has changed or not. marbot can parse this email for you. Only if necessary (one of the checks turns yellow or red), you receive an alert in Slack.

Setup instructions

  1. Visit https://console.aws.amazon.com/trustedadvisor/home?region=us-east-1#/preferences
    Step 1
  2. Set at least one email address (e.g., Operations Contact) to `$endpoint-ID@api-v1.marbot.io. Replace$endpoint-ID` with the ID of your endpoint. You can get this value by asking @marbot for it on your Slack channel
    Step 2
  3. Select the recipient with an email address (e.g., Operations Contact)
  4. Ensure that Notification Language is set to English
  5. Click on the Save Preferences button

Sample Alert

Trusted Advisor emails are sent out on Thursdays. You have to wait until next Thursday to see if it works (only if you have checks turning yellow or red).

Trusted Advisor Weekly Update in Slack

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