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Setup integration: Generic

If marbot can not map the incoming messages to a specific integration, he will fall back to the generic integration.

3rd party examples

Transforming incoming data

Nested objects are flattened, e.g.:

"alert": {
"message": "Uuuuups",
"details": {
"text": "Something went wrong"
"time": "2017-06-23T05:53:10Z"

Is transformed to:

"alert.message": "Uuuuups"
"alert.details.text": "Something went wrong",
"alert.time": "2017-06-23T05:53:10Z"

Generic Alert: Nested fields

Limiting the fields

If only one field is transmitted, marbot will use the field value as the alert’s text.
Generic Alert: Single field

If more than one field is transmitted, marbot will take the first six fields and display them in the alert.
Generic Alert: Multiple fields

More help needed? Or want to share feedback?

If you experience any issues, let us know.

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marbot takes care of your Amazon Web Services (AWS) monitoring setup. You receive and close all relevant alerts via Slack. marbot integrates with CloudWatch, Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, RDS, any many more.

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