Setup integration: Generic

If marbot can not map the incoming messages to a specific integration, he will fall back to the generic integration.

3rd party examples

Transforming incoming data

Nested objects are flattened, e.g.:

"alert": {
"message": "Uuuuups",
"details": {
"text": "Something went wrong"
"time": "2017-06-23T05:53:10Z"

Is transformed to:

"alert.message": "Uuuuups"
"alert.details.text": "Something went wrong",
"alert.time": "2017-06-23T05:53:10Z"

Generic Alert: Nested fields

Limiting the fields

If only one field is transmitted, marbot will use the field value as the alert’s text.
Generic Alert: Single field

If more than one field is transmitted, marbot will take the first six fields and display them in the alert.
Generic Alert: Multiple fields