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Integration: UptimeRobot

UptimeRobot is uptime monitoring service that checks the availability your websites and applications constantly. We use UptimeRobot to monitor the uptime of marbot, for example.

Here is how you configure UptimeRobot to send alerts to marbot. Doing so allows your team to get notified about outages via Slack or Microsoft Teams. By its built-in escalation mechanism, marbot makes sure you are not missing any alerts from UptimeRobot.

  1. Open the UptimeRobot dashboard.
  2. Click on your user name or email on the right side of the main navigation.
  3. Select My Settings.
  4. Add a new contact by pressing the Add Alert Contact button.
  5. Select Webhook as alert contact type.
  6. Type in a friendly name for the alert contact, e.g. marbot.
  7. Go to the Slack or Microsoft Teams channel that shall receive alerts from UptimeRobot.
  8. Send @marbot endpoint to the channel.
  9. Copy the HTTPS endpoint (e.g., https://api.marbot.io/v1/endpoint/bac24a4f5ddc4e0f8b951cc1b7b3e544).
  10. Paste the HTTPS endpoint to URL to Notify.
  11. Use the following POST Value (JSON Format):

    "monitorURL": "*monitorURL*",
    "monitorFriendlyName": "*monitorFriendlyName*",
    "alertType": "*alertType*",
    "alertTypeFriendlyName": "*alertTypeFriendlyName*",
    "alertDetails": "*alertDetails*"
  12. Select Enable Notifications for Up & down events.

  13. Click the Create Alert Contact button.

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