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Michael Wittig – 21 Dec 2017

AWS CodePipeline is a continuous integration and continuous delivery service that orchestrates builds, tests, and deploys.

With marbot, you get alerts in Slack or Micrsofot Teams when the pipeline fails.


  1. You need to create an SNS topic
  2. Configure your SNS topic to allow messages from CloudWatch Events

Monitoring Setup Assistant
marbot adds monitoring rules for your AWS infrastructure.

  1. Add marbot to Slack or Microsoft Teams.
  2. Invite marbot to a channel.
  3. In the channel type:
    @marbot Monitor my CodePipeline pipelines
  4. Hit enter and follow the wizard.

Set up instructions

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the Rules link on the left
  3. Click on the Create rule button
    Setting up CodePipeline alerts
  4. In the Event Source section, set Service Name to CodePipeline
  5. Set Event Type to CodePipeline Pipeline Execution State Change
  6. Enable Specific state(s), and select FAILED
    Setting up CodePipeline alerts
  7. In the Targets section, click on the Add target button
  8. Select SNS topic
  9. Set Topic to marbot or your other SNS topic name
    Setting up CodePipeline alerts
  10. Save by clicking the Configure detail button
  11. In the next step, set a Name and save by clicking the Create rule button.

Sample Alert

To simulate an alert, you need a CodePipeline that fails. The following alert will be triggered by marbot soon.

CodePipeline Alert

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