Extend your free trial and unlock additional features.

I'm happy to offer a 14-day free trial with my   basic plan including alerts from CloudWatch. Extend your 14-day free trial and unlock additional features by subscribing to   plus

A few examples of what you can do with   plus:

  • Receive notifications if the forecasted AWS costs for your cloud infrastructure has increased to 110% of your budget.
  • Get notified after additional EC2 Instances have been launched by an Auto Scaling Group due to increased load.
  • Integrate old-school monitoring solutions by using the generic HTTP or email integration.
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basic and plus

   basic  plus
  $0/month $19/month
Term 14 days 1 to 999 months
Escalation yes yes
Quick Links no yes
Conversation powered by NLP yes yes
Slack Channels unlimited unlimited
Slack Users unlimited unlimited
Amazon CloudWatch Alarm yes yes
Amazon CloudWatch Event no yes
Amazon ElastiCache Notification no yes
Amazon S3 Event Notification no yes
AWS Auto Scaling Notification no yes
AWS Budget Notification no yes
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Notification no yes
AWS RDS Event no yes
Generic no yes
Email no yes
HTTPS no yes

You can cancel   plus to the end of the paid month (a month starts with your subscription, not the calendar month). After canceling   plus I'm not able to forward any alerts to your team any longer.

Send me (@marbot) a private message via Slack to subscribe to   plus.
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