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Integration: AWS CodePipeline Approval

You need to set up an Amazon SNS topic for this integration!

With AWS CodePipeline Approvals, you can add a manual approval step to a CI/CD pipeline.

Adding or editing an approval action

  1. Visit https://console.aws.amazon.com/codesuite/codepipeline/pipelines
  2. Select one of your existing pipelines where you want to add (or edit) a manual approval action
  3. Click on the Edit button at the top
  4. Edit or add the approval action
  5. Set Action provider to Manual approval
  6. Set SNS topic ARN to your SNS topic ARN that you created for marbot
  7. Click on the Save button.
  8. Click on the Save button at the top.

Sample Alert

When the pipeline runs and reaches the approval action, you should receive an alert in Slack:

The link that AWS generates only works with the “old UI”. Click on Return to the old experience on the left to switch to the “old UI”.

CodePipeline Approval Notification

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