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Integration: AWS Backup Notification

AWS Backup helps you to manage your backups from a central place. AWS Backup Notifications are a way to get insights into the service.

The following events are published:


To monitor backup jobs with marbot:

  1. Add marbot to Slack or Microsoft Teams.
  2. Invite marbot to a channel.
  3. Send @marbot Create an SNS topic to the channel.
  4. Follow the wizard in the channel.

Unfortunately, AWS Backup does not provide a UI to enable notifications. But we can use the CLI:

aws sns list-topics # search for the topic name marbot-standalone-topic-*
aws backup put-backup-vault-notifications \
--backup-vault-name NAME_OF_VAULT \
--sns-topic-arn SNS_TOPIC_ARN \
--backup-vault-events BACKUP_JOB_COMPLETED

From now on, marbot will let you know about changes to the pipeline:

AWS Backup Notification

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