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Integration: AWS Auto Scaling Notification

You need to set up an Amazon SNS topic for this integration!

AWS Auto Scaling is a way to manage a dynamic fleet of EC2 instances. The Auto Scaling Group will keep the number of running instances in sync with the desired value. While the desired value stays in a boundary defined by min and max instances. AWS Auto Scaling Notifications are triggered on:

  • Successful instance launch
  • Failed instance launch
  • Successful instance termination
  • Failed instance termination

Monitoring an Auto Scaling Group

  1. Visit https://console.aws.amazon.com/ec2/autoscaling/home?region=us-east-1
  2. Click on the Auto Scaling Groups link on the left
  3. Select the Auto Scaling Group you want to monitor
  4. Select the Notifications tab
    Select the Notifications tab
  5. Click on the Create notification button
  6. Set Send a notification to the marbot SNS topic
  7. In Whenever instances, select the events you are interested in
  8. Save by clicking the Save button.
    Create notification

Sample Alert

When an EC2 instance is started, e.g. because you increase the desired capacity manually, you should receive an alert in Slack:

Auto Scaling Alert

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